Having a party?
Will patron parking be an issue?
Need extra support?
Show a safety AND security presence?

Give us a call at 541-973-5555 and let us know what your address is, objective for the night, and primary contact info of those in charge on scene. Even if you have other more specific needs, we can accommodate and little or no extra cost. Then you can use our online payment process to pay only $25 dollars.

patrols in medford


If you are currently a client of ours you could take advantage of making payment online by simply registering to the site, and when confirmed, a menu link to pay online will be there for you. It is safe, fast, and extremely easy tool for all of us.
PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE - Safe, Secure, and EASY!

To pay your bill using a credit card or bank account, please click the link below. For the security of your account numbers we use PayPal to perform our transactions. You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature.

1. Click the PayPal Logo Below

2. Enter your invoice number in the description box and the amount due

3. If you have a PayPal account simply log in

4. If you do not have a account with PayPal, click the Pay with debit or Credit Card link just blow the member log-in box

5. Enter your credit card information and billing address and continue.

6. Once complete we will email you a confirmation within 24 hours